Lesser Earth Affinity


Can be used up to 20 times per day, similar to spells, if you do not get 8 hours of rest these do not replenish.

Earth Synergy:
+3 circumstance bonus on climb and Tumble checks when in contact with stone or earthen surfaces and reduces fall damage by 2 onto stone or earthen surfaces

Earth Manipulation: standard action (V, S)
Grants minor density control of stone or earthen surfaces and can increase/decrease hardness of these objects by 1.

Meld into Stone: free action (S)
10 min/3 levels, can hide in a stone of larger size; can’t see or move, but can hear and cast spells on self.

Move Earth: Full round action (V, S)
You can move 10 lbs of the earth at 10 ft per round with their mind for 1 round

ash – 8lbs/sq.ft. (wet = 2x)
dirt – 10lbs/sq.ft. (wet = 2x)
Granite – 30lbs/sq.ft.
brick – 15lbs/sq.ft.
ceruleum – 40lbs/sq.ft.
basalt – 50 lbs/sq.ft

This requires a STRENGTH CHECK with DC: (10 + weight/10 + number of rounds)
For example, moving 50 lbs of material for 10 rounds would be DC25.

or CONCENTRATION CHECK with DC (weight/5 + 2 per round)
For example, moving 50 lbs of material for 10 rounds would be DC30

Pillar of Earth: standard action (V, S, M)
When used to attack 1d10+Dex, Reflex save
The saves for these go down by 5 for each pillar used earlier in the encounter.
Pillars have a range of 10 ft
Material Component: a handful of dirt

Greater Earth Affinity
Master Earth Affinity

Lesser Earth Affinity

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