Wizards of Earthsea

The Alpha and the Omega

Day 15 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 21

“The days have darkened since the coming of the storm. It was not a storm of wind and rain which our ancestors endured, it was a storm of war. After discovering a band of extraplanar creatures known as the Gith’Razhi we had formed a tentative alliance with them. They spoke of the Greater Good, and ethos upon which their whole civilization was built. Every man woman and child would be willing to sacrifice themselves to further the success of the others. It’s a nice story…but words are meaningless without action. They needed protection…shelter from their own kind hunting them. Their leader Razhar and I broke bread and shared water, a tradition in which they formed a fact of fellowship to never harm another. In return we gave them a place of solitude to meditate and discover the secrets of the “Warp” so they called. The teachings of the Light dictate that for every good, there is an equal evil. Balance must be maintained or it would thrust us into chaos. I suppose it was inevitable, that the Githyanki would eventually discover where the Gith’Razhi were hiding. The caverns beneath our city only sheltered them from above…I did not foresee the Githyanki attacking from the sea in a giant floating ship.

It was may own pride that cursed us. I now believe that one of the travellers that had arrived that day was working with the Githyanki and led them straight to us. I never should have let them enter…but word had it they were travelling companions of my dear daughter Curilla. Ever since she left with Valdar and Tarascon, ne’er a day goes by that do I do not question my choice to let her go. But where there is sorrow…there is happiness on the other end, and no doubt I suffered for her to live a happy life.

The Gith civil war broke in our home, within the walls of Dionne itself. So many were killed that day and the fires took care of the rest. I remember in shock as I peered down from the observatory after hearing a booming voice echoing in my head. ‘’I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, what do you desire.’ Then a colossal visage of Razhar towered over the city….and I watched as his soul burned. The bloodlust was clear in his eyes when he took one step and crushed the leader of the Githyanki raiding party. My friend had broken is pact and there would be no return. He proceeded to slaughter the rest of the Githyanki and undoubtedly boarded the ship and sailed it away. However, for each passing of the torch, another must rise. The space left in the balance of good and evil upon the wake of Razhar’s fall needed to be filled.

My daughter has returned to Dionne. She leads the Temple Knights of Apallion a name most fitting for the spirit that resides in their hearts. They fight for the greater good, not for greed or lust for power but for the survival of our kind and the humans. "

-Memoirs of Grand Seer Lumon 2103 AG



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