Wizards of Earthsea

The Wolf in Elven Clothing

Day 14 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 20

We have uncovered our spy. Vre’Carryon spoke of the truth and we have finally isolated the fiend. The Lycan named Maokai phase shifted in front of my eyes in the midst of combating the Risen and Ilithid. Only one accepted into the ranks of the Githyanki sept are gifted with the ability to phase shift. We need to make arrangements to capture Maokai and see if we can destroy him. But the Lycan are feral creatures with no control over their own mind at times and that could potentially be an asset. There are so few of us left. He employed a powerful phase shift which was able to transport nearly all of us to Yggdrasil after the battle with the Risen.

I made note of those who had gone missing. The Dragonkin Valdar, Vincent who we have discovered is Devanna’s son, and Vre’Garret who single handedly slew an Ilithid. Also to note is the rage and anguish in the traiter Maokai’s eyes as he hacked Devanna into pieces after discovering she was his mother too. Only a Githyanki could have that much rage. They made plans to head west past July. I’ve sent my remaining Erra’Ui to track him until we find an opportunity to strike. It will happen at Dionne.

I must away now and move the remnants of Tethys to a tactical position near Dionne and await his capture.

[ 20 Lharvion, 2073 AG ] Data-record of Erra’O Rahzar



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