Wizards of Earthsea

The Fall of July

Day 12 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 18

There are many records that document the fall of July. There is simply not enough time to discover all the truths that lay hidden in this vast city; we have made refuge here for nearly five years now and still there are secrets left to uncover. There are so few of us left after the Githyanki raided our home off the coast of July, but we persevere. So long as the gene-seed remains in tact we can survive.

Today is an unusual day. My Zerth have foreseen the arrival of a group of travelers and we anticipate their presence. We have not heard much from the outside ever since the dome around July started to fail. We stay to maintain the dome and seal in these undead abominations. We call them the Risen; they were once High elves, but they appear to be infected with some sort of plague beset upon them from the nano cloud we found as we entered the city. El’Cid managed to construct a bracelet that is able to repel the nano cloud from entering our bodies based off the dome technology. The High Elves are fascinating. Their technology is powerful; how they were able to create such wonders and still succumb to something as simple as a virus still baffles me. They would have been an honored addition into the Greater Good had they been given a chance.

[16 Lharvion, 2073 AG] – Data reserve of Erra’O Rahzar

The Erra’La have returned with the travelers. In order to protect them and to protect us, they carried them through the dome withing the confines of our tesseract containment cube. One of them introduced themselves as a herald of justice, having infiltrated the Githyanki base and taken a legendary sword from them. Any blow to the Githyanki machine is a good one. He is a blind seer, having survived after being tortured by the Githyanki. His eyes were burned and scarred shut. Erra’Ui Dakkar had taken on the task of attempting to repair Vre’Carryon’s eyes.

The others that travel with him are suspicious though, in particular a Dragonkin named Agitha and a Lycan named Maokai. Carryon implicated that one of them was a spy that had followed him from the Githyanki base but the group seems to deny the implication. Further data must be collected.

[18 Lharvion, 2073 AG] – Data reserve of Erra’O Rahzar



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