Wizards of Earthsea

Diary of Carryon - MORE CHEESE!

Captain's Log: Day 4 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 8 - supplemental

We decided to leave the town of Vish’Ar and go back to Hyperion. Before boarding the train, I had a vision: trouble would erupt and Vincent will save the day. I had to make sure that he had the necessary tools for when the moment came. I came across what I believed to be the shard of the Ancients, and imbued it with some of my magical properties and handed it to Vincent. We both nodded, assuming he would know what to do when the time came, and we boarded the train.

On our way back to Hyperion we ran into some trouble, just as I had predicted. Biggs, Wedge, and I were doing our business in the front of the train when someone from the next cart noticed a golem chasing us. This was the moment, this was Vincent’s time to shine! I told him “USE THE ROCK,” and to my surprise, he threw it out the window! The golem wasn’t fazed, it managed to catch up with us and break off the cart that contained, what probably was, our only means of repairing the walls of Hyperion.

Everyone was pointing fingers at me, saying this was all my fault. How was it my fault? I couldn’t take that golem on by myself. Vincent threw the shard of the Ancients out the window! It’s not my fault that my vision didn’t go as planned. I needed some cheese. Cheese always makes me feel better.

We got to Hyperion and some of us split up. Garret and Baron decided to head to the bar, and the rest of us headed to the King’s quarters. When I arrived, the servants brought out some cheese. The king started to question me about the status of my mission, but only cheese was in my mind. Once I had my fill of cheese, I told the king that I entrusted Vincent with the shard of the Ancients, and he threw it out the window when we got into trouble, and this had ultimately led to the failure of the mission.

The king was confused, he probably refused to believe that I had actually possessed the long lost shard of the Ancients and entrusted it to a person I had just met. I learned the error of my ways: never trust a sub par hopscotcher.

I knew what the king was thinking, he thought I was crazy, just like everyone else thinks of all the sorcerers of Hyperion. He gave me an order to clear out the golems within the city walls, and with that I headed to the broken wall.

So many thoughts were rushing through my head on my way there. I was thinking that I wasn’t crazy! That was definitely the shard of the Ancients that my father once had! It gave him powers beyond anyone’s imagination and allowed him to be one of the most powerful people alive. But then again, how did I manage to come across it? Why didn’t I feel the powerful presence it used to give off whenever I was with my dad? Had my dad already used up all of its power?

Then I started to question myself. Maybe I was going crazy. Was that really the shard of the Ancients? Why did I have the need to hand it to Vincent?

When I arrived at the southwest quadrant of the city, 5 golems were already well within the walls. Reinforcements had arrived, and Baron and Garret came on time, although extremely drunk. Several of the archers had lost their lives, but in the end it was a successful battle.



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