Wizards of Earthsea

Devanna's Legacy

Day 13 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 19

Devanna was heralded as a great figure in July. There is a statue erected in her honor at the center of the city upon her return from being held captive for a hundred years at the Dark Citadel of Eldari. Records speak of her escape from the Dark Elves but the warp has ripples in both directions. Many of the records state the course of events in history, whereupon the city of July flourished with new technology she had taken with her from Eldari. But my Zerth are troubled. While their visions are not always clear, they tell me that July was raided and destroyed a century ago in the Eclipse War however the scriptures left in the library at July speak of the enemy closing in around their walls in 1970 AG but indicate that a pair of Dwarven brothers leading the regiment suddenly came upon a stone of great power. In a flash of white light, they were overwhelmed by it, the brothers split the stone in half to compensate and each using it’s power, swayed the tide of the battle. The Dark Elves were annihilated as Marcus and Baron moved the earth itself at their command burying the Dark Elves under the earth. There’s no indication as to where they obtained such power…and the selfish nature of the Dwarves would likely attest to the lack of information about it. The war won, the alliance between the High Elves and Dwarves dissipated as they returned to their home in the desert.

Some thirty years ago, July was beset yet again. A new enemy, one they’ve never encountered before stumbled it’s way into the city. It was our mutual enemy, the Ilithid, squid-kin which posses terrifying psychic power. Again my zerth urge me to listen to reason. Something unforeseen is altering the course of events. The warp imprints what should have happened and yet the records left by Elves do not reflect the truth. My zerth say the Ilithid began incubating a Kraken in the lake surrounding the city, trapping the elves in, but all I can see is the clear water. The Elves speak of a wayward traveler. Confused, he said he was Erinar a priest from July, and they say his eyes sunk when we saw a young boy with Devanna. The boy’s name was also Erinar, and the priest cried as he clutched the boy in his arms.

The sickness had already begun to spread. From what we can tell, the priest’s body was filled with the nano-cloud. Microscopic organisms that replicate quickly and attempt to repair organic flesh. It had taken an imprint from Erinar, recognizing the matching gene-seed and started to convert every High Elf in the city into Risen. The process is slow but unrelenting, it kills off the flesh, then connects the fibrous tissue of dead skin to the motor centers of the brain. The clerics and priests attempted many numbers of rituals and slaves to stem the plague. Travelling merchants from other nations were urged to leave in fear of transmitting the disease and it is noted that Devanna’s son, who seemed to yet be unaffected, was taken away in a human convoy at that time.

The reports end there as the great nation of July crumbled to dust.

[12, Therendor, 2071 AG] Data-record of Erra’O Rahzar



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