Greiver Lionhart

Fallen Archangel


Having completed His trials through the Nine Hells and slaying Satan the act created an imbalance in the world, Greiver and his seraphim then slew God in Heaven to restore Balance. There was a holy trinity however. With the good and evil purged, the Celestial powers coalesced into Kaguya, the Neutral God. Her desire for neutrality overwhelmed by greed and justice pressed her to attempt to mind control all living creatures and leave them in eternal sleep and peace for all time, however her efforts were foiled by Lionhart and his seraphim. Kaguya’s followers, the Illithid mindflayers, once released from eternal slumber began subjugating any and every race they encountered. Those with knowledge they devoured and those without, they enslaved. The core of their realm shattered. Without the Old Gods to maintain balance, all hell had broken loose as the battle between the angels, devils and Ilithid raged. In their stead, Lionhart grasped the focusing crown left by Kaguya, his persona split down the middle, remaining neutral only due to the equal balance of Id and Ego. Lionhart’s crusade took him to the depths of the underdark attempting to sever all ties the Ilithid had with the psionic pathweb connecting all living creatures left in Kaguya’s wake. It was then that his crusade for order became tantamount as he plunged into the Aversa to defeat the devils and angels alike. Balance must be restored.


Greiver Lionhart

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