Wizard of Earthsea


Level 5
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’7"
Eyes: Light purple


At birth Sparrowhawk was given the child-name Duny. He was born on the island of Atuan, as a son of bronze-smith. His mother died before he reached the age of one. As a small boy, Duny had overheard the village witch, his mother’s sister, using various words of power to call goats. Duny later used the words without understanding of their meanings, to surprising effect. The witch knew that using words of power effectively without understanding them required innate power, so she endeavored to teach him what little she knew. After learning more from her, he was able to call animals to him. Particularly, he was seen in the company of wild sparrowhawks so often that his “use name” became Sparrowhawk. By the age of twelve, Duny had learned all the village witch could teach him.

When Duny was twelve, the island was attacked by raiders from the nearby Murkblood lands. This attack changed Duny’s life forever. When the Murkbloods attacked, Duny, seeing the doom of his village, used two spells to protect his people from the interlopers. The first spell worked, enveloping the village in a fog, which made the Murks unable to see where the villagers were. The second caused the presence of illusions in the fog. Duny’s need to cover a large area in fog, for a long time overspent his strength, leaving him in a semi-conscious state.

The witch was unable to heal Duny, but the island’s great wizard, Ogion, had heard the tale of Duny’s deed and sought him out. Ogion healed Duny and later returned to perform a naming ceremony for his passage out of childhood where Ogion gave him his “true name” only entrusted to his closest friends. After the naming ceremony, Ogion took Sparrowhawk as a pupil in the wizardly arts.

Sensing the latent power within Sparrowhawk, but understanding Sparrowhawk’s youthful impatience to be trained faster than Ogion was willing, Ogion gave Sparrowhawk the choice to stay or to attend the Arcane Academy in Juno. Sparrowhawk was a very good student, but his arrogance and a dispute with a classmate caused him to try a very dangerous spell: he attempted to call the spirit of the long-dead queen Elfarran. He succeeded in calling Elfarran, but an evil shadow-spirit slipped in through the portal Sparrowhawk had opened between the living world and the dead.

In his last year at the Academy, Sparrowhawk embarked on a quest to halt the decline of magical power from Earthsea. During the course of his journey Sparrowhawk met and befriended a soldier named Ranperre, who would eventually become King Oraguille of Juno for nearly a century after fulfilling an ancient prophecy and defeating the black dragon Fáfnir.

The Dragon King greeted Sparrowhawk with disdain, heralding wisdom beyond the ages but he was wary of the young wizard and his talents.

“Guess my name and I shall help you. Fail and I shall destroy you..”

He guessed the name Fáfnir.

“A shadow has been chasing you for years since you attempted the summoning ritual of the Eladrin Queen. You need to face the truth to defeat it. Truth is singular, lies are words, and words and words. You only need but one word to defeat the shadow, it’s True Name. Everything has a True Name and with that comes true power, Tehanu has blessed you young wizard, pray it is not put to waste,” said the king of the mountains.

He finally confronted the shadow, a gebbeth in the guise of the Eladrin Queen Devana. He had finally realized that the shadow was a manifestation of himself. His Id that had separated when the summoning ritual went awry. He spoke his own name to the gebbeth, divined to him from his old master Ogion. The shadow rejoined Sparrowhawk and finally balance was returned.

During the quest however Sparrowhawk and the Black Knights discovered that an old classmate of his had mastered the ancient scriptures of the Grey Mage and become in his own right a great mage and a dragon slayer. His obsessive desire to secure immortality had led him to open a door in the land of dead to the land of the living which had led to the decline of magic.


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