Wizards of Earthsea

The Alpha and the Omega
Day 15 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 21

“The days have darkened since the coming of the storm. It was not a storm of wind and rain which our ancestors endured, it was a storm of war. After discovering a band of extraplanar creatures known as the Gith’Razhi we had formed a tentative alliance with them. They spoke of the Greater Good, and ethos upon which their whole civilization was built. Every man woman and child would be willing to sacrifice themselves to further the success of the others. It’s a nice story…but words are meaningless without action. They needed protection…shelter from their own kind hunting them. Their leader Razhar and I broke bread and shared water, a tradition in which they formed a fact of fellowship to never harm another. In return we gave them a place of solitude to meditate and discover the secrets of the “Warp” so they called. The teachings of the Light dictate that for every good, there is an equal evil. Balance must be maintained or it would thrust us into chaos. I suppose it was inevitable, that the Githyanki would eventually discover where the Gith’Razhi were hiding. The caverns beneath our city only sheltered them from above…I did not foresee the Githyanki attacking from the sea in a giant floating ship.

It was may own pride that cursed us. I now believe that one of the travellers that had arrived that day was working with the Githyanki and led them straight to us. I never should have let them enter…but word had it they were travelling companions of my dear daughter Curilla. Ever since she left with Valdar and Tarascon, ne’er a day goes by that do I do not question my choice to let her go. But where there is sorrow…there is happiness on the other end, and no doubt I suffered for her to live a happy life.

The Gith civil war broke in our home, within the walls of Dionne itself. So many were killed that day and the fires took care of the rest. I remember in shock as I peered down from the observatory after hearing a booming voice echoing in my head. ‘’I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, what do you desire.’ Then a colossal visage of Razhar towered over the city….and I watched as his soul burned. The bloodlust was clear in his eyes when he took one step and crushed the leader of the Githyanki raiding party. My friend had broken is pact and there would be no return. He proceeded to slaughter the rest of the Githyanki and undoubtedly boarded the ship and sailed it away. However, for each passing of the torch, another must rise. The space left in the balance of good and evil upon the wake of Razhar’s fall needed to be filled.

My daughter has returned to Dionne. She leads the Temple Knights of Apallion a name most fitting for the spirit that resides in their hearts. They fight for the greater good, not for greed or lust for power but for the survival of our kind and the humans. "

-Memoirs of Grand Seer Lumon 2103 AG
The Wolf in Elven Clothing
Day 14 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 20

We have uncovered our spy. Vre’Carryon spoke of the truth and we have finally isolated the fiend. The Lycan named Maokai phase shifted in front of my eyes in the midst of combating the Risen and Ilithid. Only one accepted into the ranks of the Githyanki sept are gifted with the ability to phase shift. We need to make arrangements to capture Maokai and see if we can destroy him. But the Lycan are feral creatures with no control over their own mind at times and that could potentially be an asset. There are so few of us left. He employed a powerful phase shift which was able to transport nearly all of us to Yggdrasil after the battle with the Risen.

I made note of those who had gone missing. The Dragonkin Valdar, Vincent who we have discovered is Devanna’s son, and Vre’Garret who single handedly slew an Ilithid. Also to note is the rage and anguish in the traiter Maokai’s eyes as he hacked Devanna into pieces after discovering she was his mother too. Only a Githyanki could have that much rage. They made plans to head west past July. I’ve sent my remaining Erra’Ui to track him until we find an opportunity to strike. It will happen at Dionne.

I must away now and move the remnants of Tethys to a tactical position near Dionne and await his capture.

[ 20 Lharvion, 2073 AG ] Data-record of Erra’O Rahzar
Devanna's Legacy
Day 13 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 19

Devanna was heralded as a great figure in July. There is a statue erected in her honor at the center of the city upon her return from being held captive for a hundred years at the Dark Citadel of Eldari. Records speak of her escape from the Dark Elves but the warp has ripples in both directions. Many of the records state the course of events in history, whereupon the city of July flourished with new technology she had taken with her from Eldari. But my Zerth are troubled. While their visions are not always clear, they tell me that July was raided and destroyed a century ago in the Eclipse War however the scriptures left in the library at July speak of the enemy closing in around their walls in 1970 AG but indicate that a pair of Dwarven brothers leading the regiment suddenly came upon a stone of great power. In a flash of white light, they were overwhelmed by it, the brothers split the stone in half to compensate and each using it’s power, swayed the tide of the battle. The Dark Elves were annihilated as Marcus and Baron moved the earth itself at their command burying the Dark Elves under the earth. There’s no indication as to where they obtained such power…and the selfish nature of the Dwarves would likely attest to the lack of information about it. The war won, the alliance between the High Elves and Dwarves dissipated as they returned to their home in the desert.

Some thirty years ago, July was beset yet again. A new enemy, one they’ve never encountered before stumbled it’s way into the city. It was our mutual enemy, the Ilithid, squid-kin which posses terrifying psychic power. Again my zerth urge me to listen to reason. Something unforeseen is altering the course of events. The warp imprints what should have happened and yet the records left by Elves do not reflect the truth. My zerth say the Ilithid began incubating a Kraken in the lake surrounding the city, trapping the elves in, but all I can see is the clear water. The Elves speak of a wayward traveler. Confused, he said he was Erinar a priest from July, and they say his eyes sunk when we saw a young boy with Devanna. The boy’s name was also Erinar, and the priest cried as he clutched the boy in his arms.

The sickness had already begun to spread. From what we can tell, the priest’s body was filled with the nano-cloud. Microscopic organisms that replicate quickly and attempt to repair organic flesh. It had taken an imprint from Erinar, recognizing the matching gene-seed and started to convert every High Elf in the city into Risen. The process is slow but unrelenting, it kills off the flesh, then connects the fibrous tissue of dead skin to the motor centers of the brain. The clerics and priests attempted many numbers of rituals and slaves to stem the plague. Travelling merchants from other nations were urged to leave in fear of transmitting the disease and it is noted that Devanna’s son, who seemed to yet be unaffected, was taken away in a human convoy at that time.

The reports end there as the great nation of July crumbled to dust.

[12, Therendor, 2071 AG] Data-record of Erra’O Rahzar
The Fall of July
Day 12 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 18

There are many records that document the fall of July. There is simply not enough time to discover all the truths that lay hidden in this vast city; we have made refuge here for nearly five years now and still there are secrets left to uncover. There are so few of us left after the Githyanki raided our home off the coast of July, but we persevere. So long as the gene-seed remains in tact we can survive.

Today is an unusual day. My Zerth have foreseen the arrival of a group of travelers and we anticipate their presence. We have not heard much from the outside ever since the dome around July started to fail. We stay to maintain the dome and seal in these undead abominations. We call them the Risen; they were once High elves, but they appear to be infected with some sort of plague beset upon them from the nano cloud we found as we entered the city. El’Cid managed to construct a bracelet that is able to repel the nano cloud from entering our bodies based off the dome technology. The High Elves are fascinating. Their technology is powerful; how they were able to create such wonders and still succumb to something as simple as a virus still baffles me. They would have been an honored addition into the Greater Good had they been given a chance.

[16 Lharvion, 2073 AG] – Data reserve of Erra’O Rahzar

The Erra’La have returned with the travelers. In order to protect them and to protect us, they carried them through the dome withing the confines of our tesseract containment cube. One of them introduced themselves as a herald of justice, having infiltrated the Githyanki base and taken a legendary sword from them. Any blow to the Githyanki machine is a good one. He is a blind seer, having survived after being tortured by the Githyanki. His eyes were burned and scarred shut. Erra’Ui Dakkar had taken on the task of attempting to repair Vre’Carryon’s eyes.

The others that travel with him are suspicious though, in particular a Dragonkin named Agitha and a Lycan named Maokai. Carryon implicated that one of them was a spy that had followed him from the Githyanki base but the group seems to deny the implication. Further data must be collected.

[18 Lharvion, 2073 AG] – Data reserve of Erra’O Rahzar
The Greater Good
Day 11 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 17

Demons run, when a good man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war.
Friendship dies and true love lies.
Night will fall and the moon will rise, when a good man goes to war.

-Githyanki Nursery rhyme

Day 10 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 16

‘Tis curious the way karma works. Following the wake of the destruction of Jupiter, my Por’Ui scouts chanced upon my wayward travelers. They spoke of an elf who can turn into a wolf, the very same one I was trying to elude from the night before. They come it pairs it seems, two halflings, two wolves, and two Dragonkin. The wolves seem to have some psionic link like my people and the halflings it seems they keep as pets.

Agitha had been escaping from a purple worm dragging the unconscious bodies of another Dragonkin and a halfling robed in black. The wolfman who I later discovered was called Maokai seemed to be the squad’s Por’O. I entreated him and his companions as my Por’Zerth tended to their wounded. We brought them into our home, Kronus. I hope they see the light of the Greater Good and pledge to join in our battle against the Gith’Razhi. The traitors once of the same blood now herald under the black banner of the Warp. They followed Por’El Razhar, taking most of the Zerth with them. They opposed our Spheres of Expansion and opted to seek the dark arts for knowledge and power. There is no Knowledge or Power the Greater Good cannot provide. They forsook everything we believe in and must be annihilated for the Greater Good to flourish.

Maokai makes a good Por’O. His men were wounded and suffering from some necrotic plague that was eating away at their flesh but Maokai had likely already foreseen this and prepared Kingsfoil, a healing herb to help stop the necrosis. He was however separated from the group it seemed which prevented his previous intervention.

Again the travelers searched for the whereabouts of a half-Drow and undead. Neither of which have been here. But the halfling in colorful robes was shouting something about a Gith’Razhi spy. And shortly thereafter by some unseen force, the glass of the entry tunnel into our city cracked and crumbled to shards. The water surrounding us began to flood in and we needed to act quickly as I directed the Por’Ui to retrieve their torches and weld the door shut to stop the leaking.

Por’O Maokai then approached and knelt as if praying at the door, and reached into his pocket. With his other hand he then placed it on the floor and pulled his companion from out under the floor. I have never seen magicks quite like this before. It seems it comes with a price however; we did what we could to free the creature from the earth but the only way to do so was the liquefy the ceruleum floor and pull him through. The poor creature seems to have lost his sight in the process.

My Por’Zerth managed to extend and utilize our silencing zone to fortify the outer shell of the city with a psionic barrier but in doing so the travelers were trapped within the dome of Kronus since the creatures do not appear to have the gift of the Greater Good. My Por’Ui and I are in search of a means to repair the tunnel but in the meantime the travelers will have to be patient.

What I have done is for the Greater Good. Let Balance assert itself as I find peace in our progress.

-Excerpt taken from the databank Kronus – mental note of Por’O Tokkar of the Githyanki

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The girl who cried wolf
Day 9 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 14

These weary travelers stumbled into the town of Jupiter on the fourteenth day of Lharvion, the day before the Lunar festival; the moon shone high in the sky. I stood in observance as my Zerth prepared a snaring cage for the Lunar Goddess upon her summoning. The travelers spoke freely, that they had traveled through the sands riding some sort of a giant ark, and asked if I had seen a Drow-like character chasing a skeleton. I was surprised, as the Drow and undead have not laid foot in Jupiter in many moons…the wolves would eat them…but they seemed adamant. One of them was even carrying a Guardian’s Amulet….but he must have been desperate or dim-witted..he offered to sell it to me for a measly 50 gold pieces which I was pleased to trade. I also saw him selling off the rest of his wares to the village hag. I simply need to wait until the guardian comes close enough for me to see through its eyes.

I started making my way out of the town with prize in hand before he changed his mind. When the young halfling in the group started screaming that he had lost in a game of Hopscotch of Olde. Thereafter the dim one got into an argument with Agitha. She was a half-dragon that had made her way to the town in search of someone a few days prior but was amicable. Something about her wolf was all I could hear in the distance as I walked past the village gates.

My Por’Zerth would later recount the success of her mission, ensnaring Luna, Goddess of the Moon inside of our tesseract. But rumor of the Lunar festival still taking place worries me. It is all for the Greater Good, but we may have doomed the inhabitants in the process. If only they could trust in the Greater Good they could join our coalition and create a vast empire. The words on the wind speak only of the fires that burned that night at the peak of Jupiter’s moon. My return the next day proved only to find my suspicions true. The Altar of Luna had been burned to the ground and the village abandoned. The metal tang in the air from fused bronze and sanguine suggested some sort of a fight had broken out.

A mural was left on the church near the fountain in Druidic. “Our Gods have disappeared, we pray for Luna’s safe passage, false Gods come to mock us but we tear them down with our fangs. Pray Luna will return and bless Jupiter’s moon once more.”

What I have done is for the Greater Good. Let Balance assert itself as I find peace in our progress.

-Excerpt taken from the databank Kronus – mental note of Por’O Tokkar of the Githyanki

Pair o' Hawks Paradox
Day 8 - 2073 AG - Lharvion, day 12





The Black Tower is alive with monsters.

where mine shafts cut through subterranean lakes we find this gargantuan birdlike slug

alongside scaled pygmies spitting clouds of searing flame

and cyclopian hulks who throw rotted slabs of stone.

Teleporting abominations writhing with spears and beams and fire and steel.


These scampering repugnant vessels of precious humanity

they come with fancy of wealth and power.

They use elixirs, tricks and spells and otherworldly trinkets

and they hack and dash and cast and thrash against our teeth and wings and claws.



or so I thought….
that BEAST, the DRAGONLORD….the ONCOMING STORM…Sparrowhawk..had somehow managed to be REBORN!

NOT ONE DID I SEE BUT TWO WHILE ONE FLEED. THE STRENGTH HE WIELDED WAS NOT HIS OWN. THE STONES WERE FILLED WITH BLOOD AND ANGER AND ANGUISH as his eyes shone ABLAZE. THE GATEKEEPER INDEED, travelling through time and meddling with my dreams. AND FINALLY I CAPTURED HIM, READY TO REND HIS MIND and STEAL HIS STRENGTH. BUT HE GRINNED AND PROCLAIMED “You’re too late, Valdar has already survived!” And with a brilliant flash he teleported away. The timelines aligned as Gaea intervened…for the future from whence he came had changed.

-ramblings of an acolyte of Orcus

Tales of The Hopscotch Master
Legends Passed Down for Generations

Rudy Tabootie, a name all too familiar among those with a strong affinity for magic. His charm and balance were two of his greatest attributes. He would convince people to gamble everything they own on a game of hopscotch. Towns and cities easily came under his rule. Chalk was outlawed for miles so that no one would ever surpass him.

Magical beings fetched a high price in the slave trade and therefore were his primary targets. For years people had just given up and allowed the tyranny to continue. A handful of people had decided to revolt, a large majority of them were magical: they thought they could handle taking down one ruler. The uprising ensued, one after the other his minions were getting massacred. Rudy Tabootie managed to obtain the Shard of the Ancients, and with its power everyone became powerless before him.

Until one fateful day, an outsider challenged him to his own game. Everything was on the line. Rudy Tabootie’s greatest power had become his greatest weakness. The Shard of the Ancients weighted too much power causing a disruption of his balance. One fatal misstep caused him to lose the game of hopscotch along with his life. The victor ended Rudy Tabootie’s reign and became the new owner of the Shard of the Ancients.

Hopscotch is still a popular game played among several people, primarily those with magical ties, to remember the day that our ancestors obtained their freedom. Legend has it that the one who is most skilled in hopscotch is directly related to the “outsider” who defeated Rudy Tabootie.


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